Bruno Fioretti Marquez, an architectural office devoted to architecture and urbanism, was founded by Prof. Piero Bruno, Prof. Donatella Fioretti, and Prof. José Gutierrez Marquez in Berlin in 1995. In 2010 a branch office was opened in Lugano, Switzerland. Main focus in the work of Bruno Fioretti Marquez are cultural buildings, particularly in the context of UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as residential and educational buildings. Monolithic constructions and materials in architecture are part of the main interests in the design, practical work, researches and lectures of the office.
Bruno Fioretti Marquez has won numerous prizes at national and international competitions as well as awards and citations for design excellence, among them the Detail Preis “Ästhetik und Konstruktion”, the Hugo Häring Preis, DAM Preis für Architektur in Deutschland, Deutscher Ziegel Preis, Hannes-Meyer Preis and Deutscher Architekturpreis. The work of the office has been presented in different exhibitions and has been published in a wide range of specialist literature.